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We design investment solutions to offer clients customized advisory services in structured products.


Know your client

Privatam, Inc must comply with AML Manual and the regulations in relation with anti-money laundering, the treatment of funds originating from criminal activities and corruption under the Laws of Panama and in particular with the Law 23 of Abril 27th, 2015. In this context, Privatam is under the obligation to exercise “Know your Client (KYC)” due diligences and scrutiny of transactions concerning its customers and business counterparts when entering into a relationship but also at any time over the lifetime of a contract.

Personal Data Protection



  • This Privacy Policy Statement describes our policies regarding the management and protection of information that you provide to us or come our way as a result of normal business practices. By visiting our website and using our services, your acceptance of this policy is implied.


  • The Policy will comply with the 2019 Data Protection Law of the Republic of Panama (“the Law”) that entered into force in March 2021.


  • This policy will be reviewed periodically to adjust and adapt it to any changes in law, technology, and the business environment.



Collection and data management


We may collect and process the following data about you:


  • Information that you provide when completing contracts, due diligence forms to comply with Law 23 of April 27, 2015, and its modifications, including information provided in updates, when subscribing to our services or publishing material;


  • If you contact us or respond to surveys, we may keep a record of that correspondence;


  • Details of any operation and/or transaction (historical or otherwise) that you have carried out through our platform, emails, and social networks.



Who we disclose the information to


Depending on the products and services in question and the relevant restrictions on sensitive data, personal information may be disclosed to:


  • Financial institutions that provide services to Privatam or its related parties.


  • Outside consultants, contractors, or other service providers who may access your personal information when they provide services to us (including but not limited to IT support services);


  • Companies or personnel with whom we may have a professional/contractual relationship.


  • Any organization or person acting on your behalf to whom you ask us to provide information, including your financial advisor, broker, attorney, or accountant;


  • Authorized third parties when necessary, to process a transaction or provide the services you have requested;


  • Courts and regulatory authorities in response to legal and regulatory requests or other government agencies, as agreed or authorized by law.


  • Auditors or contractors or other advisers who audit, assist or advise on any of our business purposes, in any jurisdiction where we operate;



Rights concerning your personal information


  • We will not use your information for commercial or marketing purposes of any kind. Your information is collected and managed for regulatory and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies only.


  • You have the right to obtain a copy of any personal information that we hold about you and to notify us of any perceived inaccuracies.


Security protocols


  • We keep the information in a combination of secure storage facilities for paper files and secure storage facilities in the “cloud” based on the web, with the proper protection of the system such as a firewall, which in turn tries to block access to Privatam’s private network, to unauthorized users.


  • We limit access to the information only to those relevant employees or partners who need to know the information to enable the performance of the Agreement.


  • We have procedures in place regarding how to safeguard and use your information, for example, asking our affiliates and employees to keep your information confidential.


  • We will not keep your personal information for longer than required. In many cases, the information must be kept for considerable periods. However, when we consider that the information is no longer needed, we will remove any identifying details or securely destroy the records.


  • While we will use reasonable efforts to safeguard our customers’ personal information, you acknowledge that use of the Internet is not completely secure and, for this reason, we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of personal data transferred from you through the Internet.





  • We will not access private information about you without your consent. By providing your information to us when completing any of our onboarding forms or agreements, you agree to the terms of this policy.

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Privatam, Inc. is an entity regulated and supervised by the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de la República de Panamá and holds an Investment Advisor license, issued by SMV Resolution No. 220 – 2014.


Privatam, Inc. es una entidad regulada y supervisada por la Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de la República de Panamá y posee licencia de Asesor de Inversiones, emitida mediante Resolución SMV No. 220 – 2014 .


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